What Cats Want

What Cats Want: An Illustrated Guide for Truly Understanding Your CatWhat Cats Want: An Illustrated Guide for Truly Understanding Your Cat
by Yuki Hattori
Rating: ★★★★
isbn: 9781526623065
Publication Date: November 3, 2020
Pages: 160
Genre: Non-fiction, Reference
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


MT found this last year and bought it for our nieces who were adopting a couple of kittens.  He liked it so much he bought a copy for our library too.  It’s a very easy read, with small bits of information about every facet of raising happy cats.

I’d say the book is far more suited to those like my nieces, for whom having cats in the family is a wholly new experience.  Veteran cat-slaves will find a lot of what they already know here, although I really appreciated the charts showing the different meanings of cat expressions and tail positions.  The chart of differing meows was harder to interpret.  I’d also have liked the book to address more pragmatically the issue of different foods for different stages of life (we have two “senior” cats and one kitten, all of whom think they should be eating out of all the bowls – how to seperate diets?).

But for anyone I knew who was getting their first cat companion, or even their second or third, this is the book I’d give them as an excellent introduction.  Lots of information easily and attractively presented.

Today was a mighty big day …

After almost 6 months of being on the inside looking out, as Easter-cat and Carlito ‘took the air’ in our backyard garden, two important milestones for Pikachu arrived today: she’s grown big enough that we are (semi) confident there is no way she can find her way out of the garden, and it finally hit 20 degrees (I wasn’t supervising in cold weather).

So it was that on a spectacular blue-sky, pre-spring day, Pikachu got her first taste of the great outdoors:

Of course everything was new, exciting and demanded minute examinations.

Eventually, after a respectable first-foray, it was time to wallow in the freedom.

MT and I were both a little anxious about whether or not she’d completely blow us off – with her colouring a mere shadow renders her invisible – but she was as good as gold.  She mostly stayed within site, and frequently raced past our legs as if to say “here I am!”.  And when she wore herself out with exploring, she raced over, jumped into my lap, and started purring for Australia.

Rarely have I seen such unbridled kitten joy.  Now, how to explain the cold-front coming through tomorrow…

Bookish update

Well, this is a good sign: I woke up today wanting to write up a post on my blog.  Unfortunately, I don’t really have anything exciting to share, but it’s still a happy sign.

So, let’s see, what’s new?  Melbourne is in its 5th hard lockdown.  I’m calling it Melbourne 5: Lockdown Drift.  It should end tomorrow, while Sydney-siders, who, by-the-by are the reason Melbourne is in this lockdown (they let sick people travel into Victoria) haven’t been so lucky.  They’re into week 5 now I think, and their numbers keep going up instead of down.  Their idea of “stay at home” is open to personal interpretation, it seems.

None of that is really new though and god knows it’s boring.  In happier, more bookish news, I’m still re-read binging, and it’s made updating my archives here much more productive.  So has the barcode scanner I brought home from work to process new laptops with – how is it that scanning a barcode never gets old?

It was tax time here last month and for once we got a refund; that meant I finally got off my butt and upgraded to a new internet connection and home network. Even better, I used the remainder to go on my first book buying binge since November last year, purchasing 11 new titles.  None of them have arrived yet, but soon, I hope.

Our menagerie continues to entertain us.  Pickachu, (or Stinkbug, for reasons the moniker implies) is growing fast, although she seems destined to be a short-legged cat.  She is heart-meltingly affectionate and hilarious, as she tries to do all sorts of silly things.  She’s been loving the laptop boxes I’ve had at home as I work remotely.  I’ll wrap up this post with her doing her best settle into one.

Look at you, Pikachu!

Meet Pikachu – the newest member of our menagerie.  Also called ‘bug’.

After our last 3-cat stint with Wasabi, we swore there was NO WAY we’d ever be a three-cat household again.  NO WAY.  Uh-uh.

My consolation is that MT caved first.  The pet supply we shop at has been working in partnership with a cat rescue for the last few years – the start of which is when I stopped going into the pet supply store, because I want to save All. the. Kitties.  MT has held strong the last 3 years but recently, he just couldn’t take it any more, and after going through the long application process, we found bug.

Easter and Carlito are plotting their revenge.  I can tell it’s going to be a protracted revenge that will include much hissing, spitting and screaming on Easter’s part and long diatribes on Carlito’s.  But I’m hoping Pikachu will win them over; she’s achingly sweet, and is 100% human oriented, which means she has no interest in playing or cuddling with our two curmudgeons.  Hopefully when they start to understand that, peace will return to our land.

In the meantime:

#stayathome pets Sunday, 5 April

Carlito is keeping himself busy:

And in my last post, showing Easter-cat’s possession of the bean bag, BrokenTune likened it to a throne.  The next day, Easter-cat decided to go full-on monarchy:

(Her ‘off with their ‘eads!’ expression is rather lacking here because there was a thunderstorm raging when this picture was taken.  Our fearless queen hates storms.)