About Me, Murder by Death

Hi!  I’m a refugee of book social sites, and I’d rather be on my BookLikes page more than anywhere else.  Alas, BookLikes seems to be in a state of suspended animation, so I’m here.

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I read a lot of mysteries, mostly those that would be called Cozy, Historical or Traditional.  I also read a lot of UF, although I avoid PNR.  To mix it up I read a respectable amount of non-fiction, generally in the Science, History and Travel Memoir subjects.  Lately, in these pandemic days, my reading has become far more unpredictable so it’s anybody’s guess as to what you’ll find on any given day.

I rate books relative to their genre or subject; so a 5 star cozy is NOT comparable to a 5 star popular science read.  My “reviews” are written with only one question in mind: “how did I like the book?”, so very light on literary criticism.

General rating guidelines:
5 stars = I’m petting the cover and hugging the book
4 stars = Really good; I’ll re-read this one someday.
3 stars = Meh.  Not bad, not great.  Pure average.
2 stars = It had potential, but execution was lacking.
1 star = This book has robbed me of time I’m never getting back
DNF speaks for itself.

I have an incredibly low tolerance for bullshit, spam, and authors marketing their books.  My blog is not a democracy and I feel no guilt about deleting comments that are disrespectful, trollish, or appear to be pushing/selling something.

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