Look at you, Pikachu!

Meet Pikachu – the newest member of our menagerie.  Also called ‘bug’.

After our last 3-cat stint with Wasabi, we swore there was NO WAY we’d ever be a three-cat household again.  NO WAY.  Uh-uh.

My consolation is that MT caved first.  The pet supply we shop at has been working in partnership with a cat rescue for the last few years – the start of which is when I stopped going into the pet supply store, because I want to save All. the. Kitties.  MT has held strong the last 3 years but recently, he just couldn’t take it any more, and after going through the long application process, we found bug.

Easter and Carlito are plotting their revenge.  I can tell it’s going to be a protracted revenge that will include much hissing, spitting and screaming on Easter’s part and long diatribes on Carlito’s.  But I’m hoping Pikachu will win them over; she’s achingly sweet, and is 100% human oriented, which means she has no interest in playing or cuddling with our two curmudgeons.  Hopefully when they start to understand that, peace will return to our land.

In the meantime:

20 thoughts on “Look at you, Pikachu!”

    1. We’re waiting on her final vet papers, but we think she’s approximately 12 weeks old, or a little older. And yes, she’s made herself very much at home. Totally fearless.

    1. She’s cute in that way all kittens are cute, and our bias that she’s exceptionally cute grows each day. 😀

  1. These are very atmospheric pictures. I hope the three of them come to an understanding with the minimum amount of skin and hair flying.

    1. I hope so too – so far no physical altercations, because she’s a very respectful little girl and doesn’t try to approach them. But the hissing and growling have been epic.

    1. I’ve had that happen to me on some blogs too – it’s like it’s trying to send you to the log in, but fails. Oddly, I have no problems with those blogs from the WordPress App. eye roll

    1. It’s getting better, and so far there’s no fighting. 🙂 We discovered that Pikachu is a Christmas kitten, born on 25 December, so she was just 13 weeks when we brought her home.

  2. I’m so glad I thought of you today and decided to check your blog and say hi. I need more vicarious kitty cuteness in my life. Please give Pikachu/bug a cuddle from me and tell her she’s a sweet, pretty kitty.

    1. I did! And I have NO idea why I didn’t respond to your comment. I suck! and I miss you – how you doing up in the Victorian hinterlands (or NSW netherlands)?

      Pikachu is absurdly cute – I call her miss Fancy Pants, because she prances around the house in the most ridiculous manner. Well, technically, that’s only half of what I was calling her, because for the first few weeks, until her digestive tract settled down, she was Miss Fancypants Stinkybutt. o_O

      1. You do not suck! I was too busy forgetting I commented to worry about long silences anyway. 😉 And I miss you too! The hinter/netherlands are glum. I’ve been in a major reading slump for two months thanks to medical issues. I’m so stressed out that my husband talked me into ordering a giant “anti-anxiety” weighted plushie that cost more to ship than the actual purchase price. When I balked at how much I’d spent he said, “Don’t worry about it, it’s a medical expense.” XD

        I’m so glad Miss Fancy Pants has dropped her Stinkybutt title. LOL That must’ve been trying for everyone. How’s life treating you in the big city ‘burbs?

        1. Meh. Actually, I shouldn’t complain, but I’ve been in a slump too – or too distracted – or something. So I’ve been offline a lot. We’re obsessed with a game called Wingspan and probably using it to sublimate our anxiety about post-jobkeeper fallout. Work be crazy, thanks to Victoria’s “let’s just let all the students who borrowed devices from their school during lockdown KEEP them!” program, a/k/a the “screw the IT people” program. Good times.

          Don’t stress about the weighted blanket; I had my hand on the “order” button for one myself, until I saw all the warnings about not sleeping under it. Of course, now I have three cats that pin me to the bed, so it’s pretty much the same thing. XD

          1. Oh, no. It wasn’t anything so adult as a weighted blanket. It’s a 26″ x 10″ x 10″ weighted plushie in the shape of a rainbow-colored space whale. It looks like it swam straight off the cover of a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper. I am an ’80s child with adult income. Whee!

            I guess one good thing about the hubby working for a big corporation that falls under essential services is that we never had to deal with job keeper stuff. Which isn’t to say that retail doesn’t come with its fair share of stress. Tabletop games are excellent anxiety sublimaters. My husband buys them the way I buy books. We haven’t played Wingspan, but it is a beautiful game and I’m super intrigued by it. I like Tokaido for a soothing gaming session. It’s way less complex than Wingspan, but the competitive element is low-key, I love the artwork, and the gameplay is very zen.

            1. Oh please, oh please, oh PLEASE post a picture of the rainbow-colored space whale! I will not be able to live without seeing this magnificient plushie. Also: Trapper Keeper – wow, I that brings back the memories!!

              MT and I are new to the tabletop gaming, but the lack of competition in Wingspan is a huge plus. We’ve played other games (card based) where competition is necessry and it rarely ends well. 😀

              1. It was a preorder so I won’t actually get the magnificent plushie for months yet, but I snagged an online pic for you so you can keep on living. I have no idea how to post images in WordPress comments, so here’s an Imgur url that I hope will work: https://imgur.com/zLhU4fc

                I’m a big fan of cooperative games, less a fan of player vs player. I’m just not competitive like that. But my husband is, so I have no interest in more than half the games he buys. Alas.

                1. Oh, that is awesome! I now understand the ‘space whale’ descriptor perfectly. Love it! 🙂

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