My lost fortnight

I tried with Invisible Women; I agreed with the premise, I just really, really didn’t like the writing.  I might have tried too much:  I found myself attempting to regain my equilibrium by binge watching all the Avenger and Thor movies in order of release.  That swallowed my weekend, and possibly swung me a little too far into the testosterone range, and so I spent the last week binge watching all 8 seasons, plus the recent 9th, of The Gilmore Girls, a series I didn’t originally watch more than a handful of episodes from.

I’d probably still be binge watching, but I can’t get ahold of Bones without paying for a Disney+ membership, and luckily, a couple of new books arrived that immediately appealed to me, so I think I’m back on an even keel again.  I’m currently re-reading an old Lynn Truss collection called Making the Cat Laugh and I’ve just started Ovidia Yu’s new release The Mushroom Tree Mystery.

In other news, I’m hobbling along without crutches or boot pretty much exclusively now, with my first outdoor foray yesterday (grass is so much more challenging than you’d think it would be).  Still not allowed back to working on site for a few more weeks, but with the COVID rally we have going on, I’m ok with that.

Pikachu gave us a right royal scare on Wednesday by becoming violently ill in the morning and spent the day in the hospital.  The vet eliminated all the obvious suspects, and we’re left with a diagnoses of PUO: pyrexia of unknown origin.  Helpful.  Fortunately, she came home Wednesday night and a follow up on Thursday morning had the vet deciding she would be fine.  She spent most of Thursday on my lap, and in the late afternoon, dragged her favourite toy into the library and laid it at my feet – her way of declaring herself healthy and ready to get on with life.

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    1. HA! That’s because you’re not me – I watched the Avenger movies for more Thor. 😀 Everyone has to be a little shallow about something.

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