Today is the kind of day where …

… I just want to tear a strip off the world.  The list is long, and the vitriol is potent, but nobody wants or needs to hear it and it won’t make me feel any better because venting just doesn’t provide the same catharsis as slapping the stupid out of those that need it.

So instead, here’s Pickachu, doing what she does best:

12 thoughts on “Today is the kind of day where …”

    1. They’re good; they love that I’m at home for lockdown. I have a U-shaped beanbag that I use to turn my bed into a chair and Easter loooves sitting on one of the arms next to me, quietly waiting until I have to get up, and then stealing my spot. She spends the rest of the day curled up on the bed inside the U. Carlito (who we discovered is asthematic, but otherwise fit and healthy) is less demonstrative and land-grabby, but always hangs out about 3 feet or so away from me, like a quiet, fluffy, bodyguard.

      1. Triple aaawww!! Though I‘m sorry to hear about Carlito‘s asthma — I hope it‘ll be a long time yet until it starts bothering him, if it ever does at all (fingers crossed it won‘t)!

    1. Thanks (on behalf of both the cat and my sister). My sister made the quilt for me and it’s amazing. I love it beyond reason. She also made another one for me, with book covers from 24 of my all time favorite books. It’s a dead heat between me and Easter-cat as to who loves that one more. It all came together in a care package a few months ago with quilted pot holders/pads, and a quilting cat-sized blanket that Pikachu has claimed as HERS.

        1. I totally will, though I’ll have to wait until tomorrow my time, and take it outside where the lighting is better. It’s a darker quilt and my previous attempts to capture it with a camera were not optimal.

    1. Sort of, but differently. She has bedroom eyes and she sleeps with her two paws curled up under her chin, so when she’s all dozy she’s hard to leave along because it’s too much cuteness not to want to mess with. 😀

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