Books, quilts and cats – I am so spoiled!

The last time I was in Florida, I conned my sister into agreeing to make a quilt for me.  I picked out a patten (SO hard), and went shopping for the fabric.  While we were picking out fabrics, I fell in love with another pattern and I realised what a rabbit hole quilting can be.  I always figured I’d maybe get my quilt the next time I was visiting home.  HA!

Fast forward to yesterday and I get a box in the mail.  It’s been so long I’d forgotten what I’d even picked out, but gah!  I love it!

And so does Pickachu.  You can’t easily see it in the picture, but the backing is a map of the world, which just seems to work perfectly.  Tucked into the box were a few surprises too:

A quilted pad for Pickachu’s hammock;

Three new oven mitts and 4 new hot pan pads, as well as a few knitted nests for us to use to hold eggs while we play Wingspan.

And wait! There’s more!  I got ANOTHER quilt!

Each book is one of my personal canon titles, and each one is quilted differently.  They’re all awesome, but a few standouts:

I’d have rather gone home to collect my goodies in person, but they DID arrive just in time for S. Hemisphere’s winter and are doubly welcome.  I’m looking forward to a winter of reading while cozied up underneath my personal canon.

11 thoughts on “Books, quilts and cats – I am so spoiled!”

    1. Isn’t it? I can’t believe how wonderful it turned out. I love them both, but my book quilt feels like another level of special. 🙂

  1. For reasons I cannot even guess at, the WP app shows most of my pics either sideways or upside down. The website page looks right though – anybody else seeing wonkiness?

    1. I know – she did such an amazing job on them. I’ll be sure to let her know she’s getting compliments. 😀

  2. Damned if your sister isn’t one very talented and accomplished quilter! What treasures she has created.

    1. She truly is – it’s probably better that I live on the other side of the planet, or else I’d drive her crazy with constant requests. 😀

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