The binging continues …

I’m still devouring books, mostly re-reads with a few new ones too, but I still haven’t found my groove on the blogging thing.

The books on the right are recently finished new books, except for Heroes which I’m currently listening to, and the books on the left are all re-reads.  The biggest problem I have is myself:  I insist on adding each book to my book database here on WP and it’s sort of a pain in the ass to do it, especially when you have about 1000 of them still to go.  So of course, I put it off.

Anyway, I’m off work this week, so I’m going to try to chip away at the piles, adding new reviews for the new books and bringing old reviews over for the re-reads.

In other news, a feline miracle was recorded here last week:

We expected the world to explode, in the way one does when matter and anti-matter collide, but either God himself intervened, or – and this is more likely – Easter-cat just couldn’t be bothered getting up from her comfy spot on the quilt to administer the beat-down she thinks Pickachu deserves.  But you can tell she’s thinking about it.

7 thoughts on “The binging continues …”

    1. I’ll agree with the second photo, but the first photo is my anxiety captured for posterity, although, as you can probably see on your feed, I got through one stack. Only two more to go! :p

      1. Step by step … ! And I‘m not done importing reviews to the new blog either, yet, if that is any consolation … Let‘s face it, building a blog is like building a house. There‘s always something more to do!

    1. About another 5 minutes, until Pickachu got airs and tried to lick Easter’s tail.

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