Halloween Bingo Themed Hike

It’s spring here and MT and I have started our weekly hikes again.  Our destination turnout out to be very Halloween Bingo appropriate.

“I vant to suck your … fruit.”

Grey headed flying foxes.  Cuties that will eat all the fruit off your trees, but not much else.

9 thoughts on “Halloween Bingo Themed Hike”

        1. These definitely aren’t tiny – their bodies are, but their wingspan can be 6ft across. I’ve never seen them anywhere except in these trees, and flying overhead at dusk, over our house , looking for fruit trees. to raid. But they’re fun to watch at dusk, swooping over the houses. Feels like a sign that summer is coming. 🙂

            1. or that; Australia has had droughts, floods, firestorm, mouse plagues and covid pandemics. Why not a vampire apocalypse? I’m not sure it would make the news cycle at this point. 😀

    1. It’s definitely a … moment, the first time you see them. But they’re visually orientated, so they don’t use echo-location, which makes the chances of them coming too near almost zero. But I can totally understand the indoctrination. 🙂

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