Halloween Bingo Update, 3 September

I think just about everybody knows we here in Melbourne and Sydney are in level 4 lockdowns and will be until at least October.  My immediate reaction to this has been to go on a reading binge and read all the books.  That means I finished two books I started over the weekend and binge read a third from start to finish.

This won’t continue, of course; I’ll either run out of books or develop blood clots from sitting too long.  So while this update comes right on the heels of my last Bingo post, it’s not a sign of future frequency.  Although I do have my re-read of Agnes and the Hitman that I’ll finish up today for Terror in a Small Town.  After that, I have no idea what I’ll pick up next.

There have been two calls thus far, and neither are on my card, so my card remains just hints of stickers to come.

Accumulative reading table with links to reviews below the card.

The spreadsheet:

Bingo Square Date Called Book Title Date Read
Row #1
Mad Scientists and Evil Geniuses Naked Brunch Aug. 30
Stone Cold Horror/Creepy Carnival Wild Ride Sep. 1
Vintage Mystery
Dem Bones
Read by Candlelight/Flashlight
Row #2
Murder Most Foul
Lethal Games No Nest for the Wicket Sep. 1
Spellbound The Once and Future Witches Aug. 31
Black Cat
Relics and Curiosities
Row #3
Shifters Naked Brunch Aug. 30
Terror in a Small Town
Psych / Highway to Hell Archive of the Forgotten Sep. 3
Truly Terrifying
Row #4
Genre: Mystery The Alchemist’s Illusion Sep. 2
Country House Mystery
Tropical Terror
Locked Room Mystery
Row #5
Plague and Disease Scourged Sep. 3
In the Dark, Dark Woods
Gallows Humor


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