It’s September 1st! Halloween Bingo 2021 has officially begun!

For those of us who eagerly anticipate Halloween Bingo each year, it’s that most special day – the official kickoff! For those who don’t participate: apologies – the next 60 days might be a tad tedious.

I hate WordPress almost as much as I hate GoodReads, but I got my card to work almost 100%. I simply had to let go of all that silly mathematical nonsense and make my sticker images bigger than the card itself. So I’m back to using a mystery image – this year’s is far edgier than most might expect from me, but given the days we live in, it fit my mood.

If I’ve read it, the sticker is semi-transparent over the square; once the square has been called, it will go fully opaque. I’m assuming the WordPress Reader app will break these posts and make it look like a dog’s breakfast, but I can’t fight WP on two fronts without going stark raving.

Accumulative reading table with links to reviews below the card.

The spreadsheet:

Bingo Square Date Called Book Title Date Read
Row #1
Mad Scientists and Evil Geniuses Naked Brunch Aug. 30
Stone Cold Horror/Creepy Carnival Wild Ride Sep. 1
Vintage Mystery
Dem Bones
Read by Candlelight/Flashlight
Row #2
Murder Most Foul
Lethal Games No Nest for the Wicket Sep. 1
Spellbound The Once and Future Witches Aug. 31
Black Cat
Relics and Curiosities
Row #3
Shifters Naked Brunch Aug. 30
Terror in a Small Town
Psych / Highway to Hell
Truly Terrifying
Row #4
Genre: Mystery
Country House Mystery
Tropical Terror
Locked Room Mystery
Row #5
Plague and Disease
In the Dark, Dark Woods
Gallows Humor


14 thoughts on “It’s September 1st! Halloween Bingo 2021 has officially begun!”

  1. The WP Reader broke the post in showing just the (fragmented) sticker image, and wow, it is a gloomy one indeed — but perfectly fitting the mood of the times.

    1. Dammit, I figured it was going to do that. Why, WHY can’t they make their coding consistent??? Sigh… it just isn’t worth trying to do anything fun anymore. Not that it stops me from continuing to try.

      1. Well, most people are going to access your blog using something other than their cell phone (I usually do, too), and FWIW, I used the Reader‘s „visit post“ option to see it the way it‘s really supposed to look like, too … But, yeah, it is annoying in the extreme.

        1. Oh for heaven’s sake – I just checked it on the reader app and it looks AWFUL. It’s bad enough that it gives away my sticker image but all those spaces! MT says I should add a letter per square so it spells out “Screw you WordPress you suck!”. It’s tempting.

  2. You know, I thought ‘Lito’s and Easter Cat’s modelling your book choices couldn’t be topped in professionalism, and here comes Pikachu with that purrfect Bingo Card display!

    Looking good all round! Happy HW Bingo!

    1. Happy HW Bingo!

      Confession: for this photo she had to be bribed with a piece of grass so she’d look up from the spider web she was trying to eat. 😀

      But she’s insanely cute, and I think ‘lito and Easter are both relieved not to be constantly coaxed into looking adorable for the camera. (Though they still get their pics taken on a regular basis.)

    1. Thanks – at least it looks good on the browser; hopefully people won’t look at it on the reader, where it completely, utterly, breaks. :p

      1. I’ve always tried to discourage people from reading my stuff in the reader. Isn’t there an option to “read more” or something where they have to visit your site to read the full post?

        1. There might be, but I dislike doing that to people. I think most people who might come from GR to see it won’t be a problem since they are getting there via link anyway. It’s just my fellow WP’ers who might see it on the app dashboard that are going to see a hot mess.

    1. Happy Halloween Bingo! I saw your post with your card too (no way for me to like it, dammit) and it looks great! I can’t wait to see what your full sticker pic is going to look like either. And those donuts…. man. Now I want donuts.

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