Book Haul!

I had to go into the city today to pick something up and there just happened to be a bookstore between the parking lot I used and the store I was meant to visit.

My first book binge in recent memory, and I have to say, it felt pretty good.

4 thoughts on “Book Haul!”

  1. I’m seconding TA’s “there just happened to be a bookstore” … LoL. That was excellent parking on your part, MbD.

    The haul looks fantastic, and I love the very pretty edition of The Leavenworth Case.

    What’s The Library of the Dead?

    1. Well, for the sake of the strictest accuracy, there was really only one place I could park, unless I wanted to pay a massive packet, or, even worse, having to make Hook Turns*. MT has a parking space for work in the nearby garage, so that was where I parked, which was a 15 minute walk to the store I needed to be at, via several routes. WHICH route I took back to the car might have had less to do with serendipity than cold calculation. 😀

      *Hook Turns, for those not experienced in Melbourne traffic, is when, to turn right, you must go to the far left, in the middle of the intersection, and wait for your light to turn red, then you can make the turn. For those with left-hand driving cars, to make a left turn, you’d have to go to the far right of the intersection. It’s counter-intuitive in every possible way.

    2. The Library of the Dead was a total gamble – I’ve never heard of it before so I have no expectations. Takes place in Edinburgh, and the MC is – I think – Zimbabwean. Ghost talker. There’s a pull quote on the cover from Ben Aaronovitch, though I tend not to put stock in the cover quotes.

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