Down the reading hole, or what I did my first week of holidays

Remember that re-read streak I went on?  The one that had nothing to do with my Halloween Bingo progress?  I’ve just now come out of Patricia Briggs’ world of the Marrok; I’ve run out of books to re-read.  I’ve decided, though, that I’m going to make Patricia Briggs my Author wild card in Halloween Bingo; at this point, it would be stupid not to.  That means at leat one square can be filled with a book:  A Grimm Tale.

Rather than do a re-read review of the 4 books I’ve re-read, I’m just going to summarise by saying they’re all good and they all stand up nicely to my original ratings and reviews.  If anyone is curious about reading those original reviews, the covers below link to them.



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