Fair Game (Alpha and Omega, #3)

Fair GameFair Game
by Patricia Briggs
Rating: ★★★★
isbn: 0441020038
Series: Alpha and Omega #3
Publication Date: March 9, 2012
Pages: 293
Genre: Fiction, Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Ace

You know what’s really aggravating about deciding to re-read an old favorite series?  Discovering that you don’t actually own a print copy of the first book.  That’s been remedied – though I had to settle for a paperback, grumblegrumble, but I couldn’t wait.  So I grabbed what I thought was the next book in the series, Fair Game.  It isn’t, by the way, the next book.  I skipped over one; it was late, I was tired and angry about Cry Wolf, and, oh, who cares, it’s a re-read.

Reading my original review, I didn’t care for this book as much as the others.  Yet, when I think back on the series, this is the one I remember best.  Re-reading it, I find that I rate it higher than I originally did; 4 stars instead of 3.5.  It’s still all kinds of dark and deeply disturbed in plot, but I didn’t find Charles’ inevitable crises, and his reaction to it, quite as irritating as I did that first time.  Likely because this time I knew it was a crises that wouldn’t last beyond the book itself.

I’m looking forward to re-read all the books in the series – after my copy of Cry Wolf arrives, that is.  There’s a new one coming out next March, and I need to catch up before it arrives.

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