Book-spine Poetry

My friend URL Phantomhive did a Book Spine Poetry  for the recent BoutofBooks, and it got me thinking “MT would be good at this.” (My husband is the talented writer in this house.)  Since we’re in a stage 4 lockdown at the moment, and it’s been raining consistently all day, I thought he might enjoy the challenge and he’d come up with a quick, pithy example I could share with you all.

Well.  I mentioned it last night and then didn’t think much more about it, until I noticed him walking around the house this morning, making lists.  Moving stacks of books around.  Pecking away at his laptop.


So here’s the first one – and my personal favorite.  Also, the shortest.  Some of the results are less quick poems and more epic adventures.  But one at a time …  😉


Fucking Apostrophes,
You’re saying it wrong,
Holy Sh*t
Swearing is good for you

It’s not Wordsworth, but it make me smile and I agree with the sentiment.  😉

8 thoughts on “Book-spine Poetry”

    1. He was disturbingly systematic about it, and while he said he put all the books back where he found them, I suspect I’m going to find mis-shelved books for some time to come. 😀

    1. He’s planning on publishing all of them on his BookLikes page, but he’s waiting for me to post a few more. He’s done one about the current squatter in the oval office that I’m afraid to publish for fear I’ll end up on a watch list somewhere, and of course, it’s his favorite. :p

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