Isolation walks

We’re running out of interesting neighborhood to walk in, so we re-visited the ‘posh’ side of the street, and I at least got a few pictures in counter of all the lovely spring photos my N. Hemisphere friends are sharing, including one of a mystery tree full of little seed balls that make it look festive:

I have no idea what kind of tree it is, but now that I’ve noticed it, I’ve seen one or two on a few streets around me.

One of the prettier streets at the moment:

How the 1% live; I included it only because the blue-jacketed guy shamelessly peering through the gates is MT, counting the number of black cars parked in the driveway (6, and they were really all black).

On our way back from our last walk, we cut through the park, checking on a few trees we discovered several weeks ago.  They’re peppercorn trees, and they grow everywhere here, something else I only recently discovered on these walks.  After doing a LOT of research to make sure they were the edible peppercorns, not the toxic ones, we picked our first batch:

They don’t look like much, but they smell divine.  Once they’re finished drying out, I’ll de-husk them and we’ll have a go at grinding them up; there’s debate on whether or not they grind in a mill well – we may have to pull out the mortar and pestle.  Either way – I love the idea of a fresh supply of peppercorns; it’s an unexpected bonus to these local walks.

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