The Book(ish) related summary of what I’ve been doing

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Hey, it’s me again; I’ve temporarily (I hope) turned into one of those BL’ers that pops in and then promptly disappears.  Hopefully, in the coming weeks, that will cease and I’ll be back to my regular living-here routine.

The school year started back up on January 28th here, which means all the IT related stuff that should have been done in the previous year’s last term is suddenly being plonked on my desk and never mind the 700+ iPads piled up around me, and oh, by the way, when can we have the iPads?  This week?  No?

The 28th was also my birthday.  A Significant Birthday.  As many of you know, this Significant Birthday is going to be ushered in (or out, as the timing of the trip is yet TBD) with a trip to Africa, so I can stalk, from a safe distance, animals that see me as lunch.  But in the meantime, several smaller celebrations were … celebrated?  A day at the theatre with my SIL and niece to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (excellent, though I could have done without the interpretive dance).  A day hiking in a nearby National Park, and a quick weekend away last weekend in the wilds of country Victoria.  Posts abut those two are following as it was all going to be too much and too photo heavy for one post.

So, where’s the book related part of this post, you may be asking.  The first book-related part is my present from MT:

(I’ve edited out some of the more nitty-gritty details; as we all know, discussing politics or money in mixed company is just not polite).

A couple of verbal caveats were added:  This is in addition to my normal book buying budget, and it’s meant to be used on books deemed as collectible (by me), or a splurge.

My husband is a bucket of awesome.

The other part of the bookish update is the ongoing library project, which until today wasn’t so much on-going, as it was completely stagnant.  Our neighbor (he with the necessary equipment to rip 12 foot/3m boards) was out of town two weekends ago, and we were gone last weekend.  As I type this though, MT has headed over there to get started on the next lot of shelves, which might be the last ones, as we’re running out of salvaged wood.  Once we see where they get us, we’ll figure out what to do from there.

Here it is as of right now:

I can’t get the whole wall into the frame – the room is too small, but we now have one wall and a quarter of another one done.  Hopefully this weekend will see the rest of wall 2 done.

I think I’m slowly climbing out of my reading slump; I’ve been on an Urban Fantasy tear this last month, and not all of it has been re-reads.  Progress!

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