Reading Status: A Table Near the Band

A Table Near the BandA Table Near the Band
by A.A. Milne
Publication Date: January 1, 1950
Pages: 223
Genre: Fiction, Literature
Publisher: Methuen

I grabbed this book as a counter-balance to Einstein’s War, and while I’m only 30 pages and 2 stories in, it’s charming so far!  A.A. Milne has given me a wry and humorous story and a sweet one that manages to be sweet without being saccharine or overly sentimental.  If the rest of the stories are this good this collection will be a treasure.

2 thoughts on “Reading Status: A Table Near the Band”

    1. Yes – the very same one. And I’m loving it so far, although the last story I read is a bit twisted in a calm, sort of naive way that makes it feel even more twisted.

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