Charmed & Dangerous

Charmed & DangerousCharmed & Dangerous
by Candace Havens
Rating: ★★½
isbn: 9780425219003
Publication Date: April 12, 2007
Pages: 287
Genre: Fantasy, Fiction
Publisher: Berkley


Another Candace Havens, set in the same universe with the same characters, just a different MC.  And boy did it NOT hold up well to the test of time.  I remember liking Bronwyn (the MC) because she was her own person and powerful and didn’t let anyone intimidate her.  And she’s till all those things, but the rest of her is just so emotionally shallow and her romance was written … well, I’ve read more believable romances in 80’s teen fiction.  The non-romance part of the book didn’t do so well either.  The antagonists were all juvenile in the extreme (they all kept saying “Die Witch!”) and it was all just so silly.

I also got extremely irritated with the author re-writing history: Like a Charm takes place before Christmas and the characters’ relationship is resolved and their embracing their HEA well before then.  But this book takes place 3 months later and there are scenes with Kira and Caleb where they’re still in the hand holding stage and haven’t yet “done the nasty”.

Anyway – not a great book.

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