No goals for 2021, but two micro-projects I’m stealing from Themis-Athena

Catching up on some of my friends’ blogs, I saw that Themis-Athena mentioned a meme she’s doing – which she got from Annabookbel –  called My Life in Books.  This is a short-ish list of questions you answer using book titles you’ve read in 2020.  This sounds like fun, so I thought I’d hop on board, though my results are going to take some time, so I’ll post it separately.  Also, when I mentioned it to MT, he immediately started looking at his read books and plotting out book-title-answers – slightly prematurely, if you ask me, seeing as how he doesn’t know the questions yet.

The other project she mentioned (that she got from BeetleyPete‘s) that made me sit up and start thinking is called An Alphabet of Likes and Dislikes, which is what it sounds like: an A-Z list of what I like, and an A-Z list of my dislikes.  Like Themis-Athena, I’m going to try to keep these away from the obvious: cats, books, birds, tea, etc.

This one is a longer project, so I have to figure out how I’m going to post it: as a side page, or a series of posts, or whatever.  I’ll have a think about it and figure it out.

One thing is certain though: I hadn’t even read the whole description out to MT before he had pad of paper in hand, listing the letters out for his own compilation.  He’s informed me that since he doesn’t have a blog (and nothing will entice him into building one), I’m expected to post his A-Z, which will be done all in one hit.  Those who have read his stuff before know he has a cheeky sense of humor that often flies right on into irreverent, so that should be entertaining.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “No goals for 2021, but two micro-projects I’m stealing from Themis-Athena”

  1. Well, I guess that answers my question on your other post then! 😀

    Very much looking forward to this. And it‘ll greatly help spurring me along in mine!

    In terms of format, I‘m doing a series of posts held together by a master “project“ page, btw. (The as-yet blank project page is already linked in the sidebar to the right of my blog.)

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