Halloween Bingo 2020: September 19 update

After making progress on my bingo reads last week, I fell into another rabbit hole this week.  I’ve been in the process of consolidating all my book data and reviews, and moving them into bookhype.com, a new site in beta at the moment that looks promising enough to make the effort.  In doing so, I saw a couple of titles I had the sudden urge to re-read: Alpha & Omega by Patricia Briggs, and Angelfall, by Susan Ee.  Neither are in my Bingo plans, and neither fit any of my remaining squares.  Oops.

I did finish Ink & Sigil for my transfigured American Horror Story square (Spellbound), but I’m not sure if I can mark it yet, or if I have to wait for Spellbound to be called first.

Calls made so far that are on my card – as you can see, I really have no excuse to be so far behind:


*Note: I’ve removed Psych in favour of Romantic Suspense, as it’s the square I flipped, and American Horror Story has been transfigured into Spellbound

How it works:

If I read a square that hasn’t been called yet, a ghost of stickers-yet-to-come will appear; once the square has been called, the sticker will become fully corporeal.  (Alas, this only works in regular browsers, but I’m in too deep to try to do something different now.)  As the squares get ticked off, a fully formed image will appear.  Previously, I posted the finished image, but this year I’m going to leave it a mystery.

Below is the table that will summarise the books I’ve read for each square, and note if I took advantage of one of the Spell Pack cards, and which one.  Book Titles link to my review of the book here.

Bingo Square Date Called Book Title Date Read
Row #1
Genre: Suspense
Ghost Stories The Sun Down Motel Sept. 13
Dark Academia Murder 101 Sept. 2
Southern Gothic Sept. 15
Row #2
Darkest London
Black Cat
Cozy Mystery Quick Study Sept. 5
Genre: Mystery Sept. 3
X International Women of Mystery Sept. 7 The Betel Nut Tree Mystery Sept. 10
Row #3
Grave or Graveyard Sept. 14
X In the Dark, Dark Woods Sept. 13 Imaginary Numbers Sept. 12
Psych / Romantic Suspense Sept. 6
Row #4
American Horror Story/Spellbound Sept. 10 Ink & Sigil Sept. 17
A Grimm Tale
It was a Dark and Stormy Night
Monsters Sept. 18
Trick or Treat Sept. 16
Row #5
Country House Mystery
X 13 Sept. 1 The Thirteen Problems Sept. 6
Locked Room Mystery
X Murder Most Foul Sept. 5 Extracurricular Activities Sept. 3

The Spell Pack cards are below – I’ve used a border in the same color as the card to mark the squares where I’ve used one.

Cards used:
Bingo Flip:  Lillelara has agreed to trade my Psych square for her Romantic Suspense square.

Transfiguration Spell: Used to transform American Horror Story into Spellbound

13 thoughts on “Halloween Bingo 2020: September 19 update”

  1. You got side-tracked during a book game by other books? LoL. Should I be surprised?

    I’ll be intrigued to see the answer to your transfiguration card question. I thought I’d seen a comment somewhere that it is the “new” card that needs to be called, but of course now I can’t find the comment…

    1. Yeah, I searched a bit through the question thread, but didn’t look too hard outside it, so I might have missed it somewhere.

    1. That was my first thought too when I saw it. 🙂 I’m looking forward to getting all my books in there and updated properly so I can make that calender work for me the way fictfact did.

        1. Yes – you can import from Goodreads and it’s super fast. Did my 1k+ books in about 20 seconds. You can also, if you’re like me and have books outside of GR, re-use that GR template to add additional books in bulk.

    1. Ok, weirdly, your comment was marked as spam by the jetpack plugin, even though you’ve been commenting without being blocked this whole time. I just happened to notice it show up in my stats. Sorry about that. Now I know I’ll need to pay more attention to that in the future.

      And yes, I’ll definitely keep you informed. I’ve been thinking I’d do a post soon about the pros/cons so far, but so far the possibilities are there for it to be at least as good a contender as Leafmarks.

      1. Last week, akismet marked me as a spammer and I even got a “blame the victim” email from them when I inquired what was going on. It has since been taken care of, but for about a week it was a 50/50 if any of my comments would go through or not 🙂

        Even comparing it to leafmarks is a great mark in my books.

        1. Ah, so it was part of a larger problem with Akismet. I was afraid I’d done something, or not, when I recently switched the filtering.

          Just figured out I can follow people on BookHype, so it’s steadily growing in functionality.

            1. On Bookhype itself. First I’ve seen of any kind of social tools. And I know she’s working on a librarian backend so that should be happening sometime in the near future.

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