Halloween Bingo 2020: September 12 update

I’m currently going through a bingo-call dry spell, with only one call made in the last 5 that’s on my card, American Horror Story, which is going to get Spell-packed, because I don’t do horror.  I’ll be using the Transfiguration Card to turn American Horror into Spellbound and plan on reading Kevin Hearne’s Ink and Sigil.

I’ve finished two squares since my last update, having read The Betel Nut Tree Mystery for International Women of Mystery, and Imaginary Numbers for In the Dark, Dark Woods.  That gets me another square filled and another half-way there.  As you can see, I’m strategy poor and am sort of reading all over the card as I choose books that strike my fancy.

What’s striking my fancy next is both my American Horror Story transfigured into Spellbound read, Ink and Sigil, and my Ghost Story read, The Sun Down Motel.  I’ll likely start The Sun Down Motel first, so I can be reading it during daylight hours.

Calls made so far that are on my card:


*Note: I’ve removed Psych in favour of Romantic Suspense, as it’s the square I flipped.

How it works:

If I read a square that hasn’t been called yet, a ghost of stickers-yet-to-come will appear; once the square has been called, the sticker will become fully corporeal.  (Alas, this only works in regular browsers, but I’m in too deep to try to do something different now.)  As the squares get ticked off, a fully formed image will appear.  Previously, I posted the finished image, but this year I’m going to leave it a mystery.

Below is the table that will summarise the books I’ve read for each square, and note if I took advantage of one of the Spell Pack cards, and which one.  Book Titles link to my review of the book here.

Bingo Square Date Called Book Title Date Read
Row #1
Genre: Suspense
Ghost Stories
Dark Academia Murder 101 Sept. 2
Southern Gothic
Row #2
Darkest London
Black Cat
Cozy Mystery Quick Study Sept. 5
Genre: Mystery Sept. 3
X International Women of Mystery Sept. 7 The Betel Nut Tree Mystery Sept. 10
Row #3
Grave or Graveyard
In the Dark, Dark Woods Imaginary Numbers Sept. 12
Psych / Romantic Suspense Sept. 6
Row #4
American Horror Story/Spellbound Sept. 10
A Grimm Tale
It was a Dark and Stormy Night
Trick or Treat
Row #5
Country House Mystery
X 13 Sept. 1 The Thirteen Problems Sept. 6
Locked Room Mystery
X Murder Most Foul Sept. 5 Extracurricular Activities Sept. 3

The Spell Pack cards are below – I’ve used a border in the same color as the card to mark the squares where I’ve used one.

Cards used:
Bingo Flip:  Lillelara has agreed to trade my Psych square for her Romantic Suspense square.

Transfiguration Spell: Used to transform American Horror Story into Spellbound

4 thoughts on “Halloween Bingo 2020: September 12 update”

  1. I have only had three calls from my card. And the last one was September 5 – so it’s six days and counting for me. I am thinking the odds of not having a call for six days in a row must be quite small.

    For the reading it is okay for now – I didn’t have much time since it is still extremely busy in the lab, but I am just afraid that once all the calls start coming (which must at some time happen) I will never be able to keep up with it…

    1. I think this is the first bingo I’ve played where I’ve had so many calls at the beginning, and it’s both good and bad. It would be great if I were more focused on my reading plans, but I kept getting diverted to unplanned books last week. So I feel like I’m already behind.

      I ordered some books for Bingo several weeks ago, and they’re beginning to arrive, so that’s gotten me back on track a little bit. 🙂

      1. O that’s really nice! I just ordered one book I still needed for another reading challenge and am already looking forward to receiving it.

        Now, I should just get myself to actually finish a book…

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