Amethyst Dreams

Amethyst DreamsAmethyst Dreams
by Phyllis A. Whitney
Rating: ★★★
Publication Date: July 11, 1997
Pages: 276
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Crown Publishers

For several years, time and circumstance have managed to separate Hallie Knight and her old friend Susan Trench, but when Susan disappears from her grandfather's seaside home on historic Topsail Island, it is Hallie whom Nicholas Trench calls for help.

When Hallie arrives from California, she finds the old man surrounded by an odd collection of friends and relatives, all of whom seem to know a little more than they're willing to tell about Susan Trench and her last days on Topsail. Underlying Hallie's anxiety about Susan as well as her growing concern for Nicholas Trench is the personal problem of her estrangement from a husband she loves. Threads intertwine and questions build to the pitch of what may be a fearful answer.

Like a lot of other authors who write romantic suspense, Whitney was very hit and miss.  Most of the misses I’ve read are the ones she wrote in her later years, and this isn’t an exception.  The woman could still write well – her island setting came alive – but the plot was soft and sentimental, and the resolution was not a resolution at all.  In fact it was completely unrealistic, unless the poor dead woman meant less than nothing to her family.


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